Plants and Animals


Name: Information: Download:

Grasspoppers My first critter, a little jumping bug called a grasspopper. They eat seeds and can die of starvation. Also they can be put into the quirky cookie machine and made into a cookie Download

Wiggy Pack This is my brothers guinea pig, now ready to hop around your world. He also comes with his own set of wiggy food which can be eaten by norns as well. Download

Gelsemiun Pot A potted gelsemium plant brought back from Albia by the lone shee. It grows fruit which have great medicinal properties. But watch out the fruit rot away quickly! Download

Albian Glow Fly A little flying bug from albia past, now comes with its own launcher! Download
Albian Snail The little snail has returned to colonise the capillata! Download
Albian Glow-worm Yet another critter form albia, the underground glow worm bugs! Download
Albian Chameleon This chameleon will keep your glow flies and other bugs under control. Download
Zander Fish The Zander Fish are now here to colonise anywhere with water. As anyone with creatures 2 knows Zander Fish make excellent snacks for your norns to enjoy. Download
Zander Mites The Zander Mites make a great food source for Zander Fish. They even increase there life span... Download

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